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Australian Junior Outback team

Congratulations to Liam o Farrell on being selected for the Australian Junior Outback team who competed in the Samoa Bowl against American Samoa last month. You have done the club proud.


Congratulations to the 2011 chiefs coaching staff

Head coach/Offensive coordinator: Glen Bowes
Defensive coordinator: warren Brindley
Linebackers coach: Christian Cruz
O-line coach: Dani Kavelaita
D-line Coach: Matt Wilson
Defensive Backs: Jesse Mitton

We look forward to a successful campaign.

Also training dates pre season commences on the 6/12/10 at Cranebrook oval at 7pm-9pm. Bring a pair of boots and plenty of water.

Presentation Night

Congratulations to the following award winners for the 2010 Season
Lineman of The Year Liam O'Farrell
Rookie of The Year Will Vito
Chief of The Year Jonathan Madigan
Coaches Award Tyler Morrison
Offensive MVP Jack Pontin
Defensive MVP Jesse Mitton
Team MVP Brad Leech
House Of Pain Jason Hollingsworth

NSW Representatives

Congratulations to the following chiefs players who will be representing NSW in the Transpacific Games
Jessie Mitton (Free/Strong Safety)
Jack Pontin (Running Back)
Jason Hollingsworth (Strong Safety/Cornerback)
Willie Vito (Linebacker)
Shaun Mitchell (Cornerback)
Kieran Fyfe (Linebacker)
Liam O'Farrell (Offensive Line)
Jonathan Madigan (Wide Reciever)
- Brad Leech (Quarterback)
Well done also to the Chief's coaching staff

Round 8 vs Sydney Uni Cubs

This was the game that decided first place. We were on the unfortunate side of the result on this occasion going down by 16.

Prior to kick off we lost two starting players for the bug game, but that's football and we offer no excuses regarding our performance.

The university side played solid, simple football to drive the ball downfield and score early. It took our defence some time to adjust to the pace of the game.

Offensively, a few solid pass plays were put together by Quarterback Brad Leech to Wide receiver Dean Greeser and another strong running game by running back Jack Ponton. But that provided little comfort to the lopsided first half score line. One fumbled pitch cost us a touchdown and we went into the half down by 24-8.

The second half was an improved effort; however we could just not get our roll on. Defensively, this had to be our worst performance of the season and we never looked like stopping the Cubs juggernaut. Plenty of missed tackles and succumbing to misdirection plays really hurt us as well as some brainless penalties given away to give the cubs good scoring yardage.

The usual solid defensive line albeit depleted, admirably tried all night to pressure the quarterback but succumbed to the Cubs sound technical offensive line on several occasions.

Offensively looked much better and we were able to get the score back to a respectable difference but could not seem to convert the two point attempts.

A few positives were the big hits and big tackles by both teams and the impact was impressive to watch from the sidelines. I cannot wait until the playoffs to exact our revenge with a full strength and ready team.

We can only learn from the mistakes and put this costly result behind us until we meet again.

Next game is the last game for the 2010 regular season and we make the long trip up north to play the newly included Central Coast Sharks. We will want to get back on the winners podium and stay disciplined and focused heading into the playoffs

Final Score: Cubs 36, Chiefs 20

Round 7 vs. Storm

The boys from the foot of the mountains were in for another long trek to play at St George. A lot of the players were lucky to get to the game on time considering a nasty accident on the M5 stopped traffic.

It was an interesting sight to see the modified down markers used were a rake and a shovel (which then changed to a broom in the second half)?

The game started well with a 70yd touchdown kick return by Jason Hollingsworth. (First of two for the game) and he was unstoppable, he was unlucky to get a third as it was called back for holding.

We did not know what to expect from the former state champs however the Storm side did not show a great deal and were well contained by the chief's defence throughout the game.

The defence were lead well by captains Jesse Mitton and Kieran Fyfe who played admirably, as well as cornerback Jason Hollingsworth. The defensive line really got in the opposing Quarterbacks face most of the night and forced him to make some tough decisions.

The second half was all about pride and a much better display after a few key discussions were had with the defensive coordinator at the half

Some of the officiating left some of the coaches baffled, particularly an illegal blitz call on our own goaline? Where was our head coach to question that call! But that's what we face without official refs and the clubs having to assist.

On offence the side dictated the terms and performed well. Running backs Jack Ponton and Mitch Iredale were not really challenged with another strong performance from the chief's offensive line.

The receiving corps had a sub par game to their usual high standards and in some instances looked like they could not catch a cold; however they finished off the game with an improved performance and a few catches

It was a scrappy performance even though the score line did not reflect the game. The next game could easily be billed as the game of the round where we face the always tough Sydney uni cubs at Craik Oval for a potential shot at first place

Final score: Chiefs: 44-14

Round 6 vs. Spartans

The season does not get any easier facing the new Spartans side that are coached by the current Australian and state seniors team Defensive Coordinator.

We had our work to do from the outset. This was one of those games that perplexed a few people. Kick-off started terribly where we conceded an 80yd touchdown return on the first play of the game without even hitting anybody. The next play saw the chief's return the favour with a 60yd touchdown return to even the score.

After shaking the cobwebs it was down to business. The offence started to gain the yards to put the ball in the end zone. Some solid blindside protection shown by offensive lineman Corey smith to give quarterback Brad Leech more time to throw the rock downfield to a very happy receiving corps.

Standout performances by the entire offensive line in both pass protection and run blocking schemes.

Some strong running in the second half shown by Jack Ponton, Mitch Iredale and Will Vito to exhaust the opposing defence.

This was the first real challenge faced by the Defence as the opposing side were throwing spread and modified wing set formations to gain the advantage. The defence adjusted well and were not fooled.

Standout performances on defence by middle linebacker Kieran Fyfe, defensive lineman Jordan Moran and both cornerbacks Jason Hollingsworth and Shaun Mitchell to contain their quick receivers and large running backs.

Final score Chiefs: 34-20

Next game we face the Bondi Storm at Kyeemagh which will be another tough encounter and will be the first game of the season without head coach Phil Nilon on the sidelines who will be coaching the seniors in the national championship that will be played in Victoria.

Round 5 vs. Seahawks

The team trained the house down all week and were committed and completely focused for this tough encounter against a historically strong team. From the opening kick-off the Seahawks knew the Chiefs meant business.

The Defence were hungry and aggressive for the football coming up against a very large offensive side. They forced the offence to punt four times in a row with no gains.

The highlight of the half was the punishing gang tackle led by safety Jesse Mitton and assisted by cornerback Jason Hollingsworth and linebacker Kieran Fyfe on the Seahawks wide receiver. Full credit goes to the receiver who eventually got up after that hit. This is one of the best team hits I have ever seen in football and one for the highlight reel.

The offence started just like the defence and was led well by quarterback Brad Leech throughout the game. The offensive line did a great job containing the large defensive line in front of them and standout performances by offensive lineman Corey Smith, Liam O'Farrell and Adam Stewart.

Everything seemed to click on the night and some amazing catches were made by wide receiver Jonathon Madigan and the rest of the receiving corps. Another strong performance by both running backs Jack Ponton and Mitch Iredale.

The second half momentum did not change. We were unlucky to get our second shutout after the ball popped out of the linebacker's pads and straight into the receiver's arms in the end zone.

Final Score: Chiefs: 36-8

Next game we face the new inclusion to the NSW gridiron league, the UTS Spartans at UWS Kingswood.

Round 4 vs. Mustangs

Having to make the long drive down the coast from the foot of the mountains really impacted our first half performance. We faced a tough and spirited local Mustangs side to go into the half 0-0. Some wayward officiating did not assist our cause. A 60yd intercept touchdown from Linebacker Jarrod Anderson was called back for holding which had the head coach and defensive coordinator pulling the few hairs on their heads out?

The one highlight in the first half was a fourth down stop by the defence on our goal line.

Once again the second half proved to be a much better display of football and the offence started to work consistently behind backup Quarterback Jesse Mitton. Some strong offensive performances by running back Jack Ponton, receiver Will Vito and Mitch Iredale On the defensive front, a very solid display to be able to finish the game with our first shutout for the season and a consistent performance by defensive lineman Jordan Cook and Jarrod Anderson.

Final score Chiefs 24 Mustangs: 0

Next week we play back at home against a formidable side in the Sutherland Seahawks.

Round 3 vs. Predators

A very different side to the previous week as the team was non existent and asleep in the first half to be trailing at halftime by 16-6.

The Predators offence played strongly in the first half with their trip bunch formations and talented quarterback. The chief's defence could not seem to adjust.

The second half saw a much more committed outfit that were willing to sacrifice to get the victory. After a few defensive adjustments the defence came out to record three fumble recoveries and sack the Predators talented quarterback three times. One play for the highlight reel was cornerback Jason Hollingsworth hit on the predators go to receiver.

The Offence capitalised on this and started to put points on the board by going back to basics. The running game made a big difference in the victory and the never say die attitude exhausted the predators pack. Quarterback brad leech finished off the game with a strong captains performance.

Final score Chiefs win 28-16

Next week we hit the coastal highway and play the Wollongong Mustangs at Bulli high School

Round 2 vs. Trojans

The local derby is always fiercely contested. Bragging rights go to the chiefs this year with a convincing 28-6 victory.

Defence set the tone and completely shut down the Trojans running game. The defensive lines were aggressive in pursuit all night and forced three turnovers, two fumble recoveries and two intercepts. Defensive lineman Jordan Moran and Jarod Anderson played a tough game in the trenches all night.

The only disappointing play was the Trojans quarterback option 60 yard run to score their only points.

Offence went into cruise control late in the fourth quarter after a convincing display all game.

A great job by the receiving corps led by Jonathon Madigan and a strong game by quarterback Brad leech. Rookie running back Jack ponton will be a force in this league as he looked unstoppable on the field continually breaking tackles.

It was a strong performance by all and the chiefs running game looked very disciplined.

Next week we face the tough North-western Predators who looked good in their last game

Round 1 vs. UTS Titans'

It was a tough start to the new season and a lot of lessons learnt from this opening game. In a high scoring affair we conceded defeat to a scrambled Quarterback Option with 30 seconds left to lose 36-30.

During the course of the game the team played hard, however were not able to execute in the last minutes. Some dubious officiating decisions could have changed the course of the game, but that's football and the better team won.

A lot of positives were taken out of this game and the chiefs can look forward to better days.

The defence played well and even though the score line did not reflect this and they made their coaches proud for their never say die attitude. Linebackers Alex McCabe and Kieran Fyfe had strong games as well as defensive lineman Jordan Moran and Jarrod Anderson.

On the offensive front, the coaches could not have asked for a better performance considering the amount of rookies playing their first game.

There were standout performances by our rookies, particularly running back Jack Ponton who scored three touchdowns in his first ever game of football.

It was a real shame to lose wide receiver David Willet for the rest of the season with a broken wrist, and wish him well in his recovery.

Next week is the local derby against the West Sydney Trojans at Pennant hills in which we need to bring our A-game to come out victorious.

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